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State governments have reduced their wage bill by 20% and eliminated fraud from their payroll by implementing Verigov.

Yes, Internally generated revenue can grow by 100 %. lets show you how...

Veritex Business Solution (VBS) improves return on investment by redcing operational cost, improving internal efficiency and automating all business processes.

An e-government, revenue management and collection software that enables the government and its various agencies to manage all the processes in taxation, fines, and rates helping to grow revenue collection significantly. It fully automates the process of registration, assessment, payments, and reporting of collections.

Verigov is a unique staff verification, Human Resources, Payroll and payment solution designed for the public sector. It fully automates staff Payroll management and related staff activities from on boarding to retirement and staff verification to e-Payment. 

Qampusplus Qampuspay Studylab360

We deploy business process automation to improve internal processes and eliminate data error leaving you more time to focus on innovation/development

This is the state-of-the-art school fee collection and reporting portal that provides ease of payment secures all financial transactions and ensures data accuracy and proper financial reporting with multiple payment options

We develop and deploy unique staff verification, Human Resources, Payroll, and Payment Solution, Revenue collection and management

An enterprise solution for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and non-profit organizations. It automates and simplifies all business activities and helps customers increase efficiency 

A platform that connects people, and resources and promotes transparency, accountability, and trust while enabling support for causes, crowdfunding, and group savings.

Other Products

Real estate listing platform with its own operation, management reporting, and payment engine…

A platform for making one-off or recurring, multiple payments to staff, contractors, and others in just a few steps from just about anywhere…


A brand production arm established to redefine artistic self-expression in various forms, from concept design to print.

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Biometrics technology and identity management
Revenue management and revenue generation
Staff verification
Payroll and human resource management
Payments and collections
School automation and e-learning
E-government and business automation

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