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We are leaders in revenue collection,
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State governments have reduced their wage bill by 20% and eliminated fraud from their payroll by implementing Verigov.

Yes, Internally generated revenue can grow by 100 %. lets show you how...

Veritex Business Solution (VBS) improves return on investment by reducing operational cost, improving internal efficiency and automating all business processes.

Who we are

We are a technology solutions and transaction services company. We specialize in deploying unique technology to help governments and corporations manage identities, grow internally generated revenue, enhance transaction integrity, streamline HR functions, eliminate financial leakages, and achieve process efficiency.

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Our clients

Our Services

Biometrics technology and identity management
Revenue management and revenue generation
Staff verification
Payroll and human resource management
Payments and collections
School automation and e-learning
E-government and business automation


We are a technology solutions and transaction services company

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3 Isiyaku Ismaila Cres, Wuye, Abuja

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