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Comfundme is a platform that connects people, resources and promotes transparency, accountability, trust while enabling support for Courses, Crowd funding and Group contributions.

The software automates all processes of taxation and guarantees significant growth in Internally Generated Revenue. Many state and local governments have seen more than 100% growth in revenue, improved financial reporting and an enrichment of their tax database after implementation of this solution.

Reduce wage bill by accurate staff verification, efficient payroll administration and automated payments in the public sector. Designed for the public sector, Verigov is an e-government tool to streamline HR management and payroll processes, thereby guaranteeing the integrity of nominal roll.

The software is designed for schools to run the entire operation efficiently; it increases transparency and delivers real value to all stakeholders. The solution is designed for educational institutions at all levels and is exceptionally reliable, accessible, adaptive and secure. This solution is currently in use in over 300 schools nationwide.

Average or below average students become excellent scholars with StudyLab. The solution performs high level analysis of student performance from a given set of questions and pinpoints areas of weakness. Teachers, parents, students and the school can then focus on areas of need using the StudyLab360 feedback system, leading to significantly improved learning outcomes. 

A tested business solution developed for SMEs and non-profits organisations. Designed to improve internal processes; acquire, satisfy and retain customers, improve reporting and guarantee adequate return on investments. The software is modular, thus allowing clients to choose the modules that best meet their needs.

A solution designed to facilitate fast and secure multiple payments for individuals, sole proprietorships, SMEs, large corporations, NGOs and governments.

A property marketplace for sales, leases and rent,……..A place where deals get closed in record time. Estate 303 is a free real estate listing platform with its own operation, management reporting and payment engine. It brings all key players in the real estate sector together in one huge marketplace, significantly reducing turnaround time from listing to renting, leasing or buying properties.  

We engage great ideas and imagination to produce innovative designs, prints and products that delight our customers. If you can ‘think it’ we will ‘imagine it’ and ‘create it’. We have the most unique assemblage of talent, equipment and technology to make a personal occasion, home, office or corporate brand look and feel outstanding. A call will wow you!

Travoola is a unique travel solution that offers premium long distance (intra and inter-state) travels across Nigeria. The online platform that connects travelers with luxury vehicles operated by well-trained travel guides (drivers) turning every trip to a tourist adventure…………… Customers enjoy a rare blend of travel safety, convenience and hospitality.

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