The current pandemic took everyone by surprise; well, some more than others. The ferocity and relentlessness of the attack on our way of life left the most trained minds bewildered and unprepared for the fall outs. Health systems have buckled under the weight of the pandemic, recession looms, and nations hoping the prowling virus may just wear itself out with time and just let them be.

The ravaging impact of the virus can be attributed to its tenacity to destroy its host and easily seek out and discovers new living quarters, making it one of the most infectious diseases of the modern era. Casualties of the Corona virus now top hundreds of Thousands worldwide.

The suddenness and ferocity of Covid-19 caught the business world flatfooted, even the most astute and discerning did not make the changes necessary to save their firms from the economic onslaught that followed. This is still an unfolding story and will be told for centuries to come.

Primary business strategic plans, secondary plans, scenario planning as well as disaster recovery plans have all failed in the face of Covid-19 and its economic and social consequences. There are more people working and schooling remotely than in any time in our history using makeshift tools, modern communication gadgets and technology.

What could have been done differently by companies and countries, if they knew what was coming?

Schools would have prepared teachers, students and parents for distance and remote learning.

Governments at all levels would have made it possible to continue to service communities, provide services, including tax administration, payroll and internal communication.

Businesses would have taken major operational activities online including crucial face to face meetings, reports, accounting and inventory management. Financial models supporting online services, e-payment and remote support systems would have been provided. They would have acquired capabilities for remote end-to-end service delivery, staff assessment, human resource management, payroll, etc.

Today, most businesses are struggling to operate remotely, staff working from home, holding online meetings and consultations, purchasing technology that keep them marginally afloat while they shave off personnel cost through furloughs and layoffs. One company saw the future, envisaged todays need yesterday and invested in advanced technology bringing the two in alignment.


  •  The company built QampusPlus and Studylab to provide schools unique remote learning capabilities and second to none student-teacher interaction.
  •  Governments can continue to run their tax systems efficiently and keep inflows coming with the revolutionary Revcollect. At the same time, government expenditure, approvals and Payroll needs are met by Verigov a bespoke e-governance solution designed for large, complex transactions.
  •  Veritex Business Solution (VBS) is the all-in-one business app that automates key aspects of operation of SMEs and large organisations including HR, Recruitment, Payroll, Payment, Vendor management, Accounting, Inventory management, project management, sales and customer service. It provides an integrated view for executives improving efficiency with huge cost savings.
  •  You want to pay a large number of people safely, conveniently and without hassles? The company built Vpay to give organisations such needed capabilities.
  •  looking for a property to rent or buy? You can select, pay and do your documentation on Estate303 a unique marketplace providing buyers and sellers a trusted platform for commerce and interaction.
  •  Travoola app connects travelers with pre-qualified service providers using highly secure technology. Travelers can call up a vehicle and travel to any part of Nigeria and beyond from an app. That simple.
  •  And in the middle of a pandemic you may need to use a secure platform to raise funds for humanitarian needs or your favourite cause. Comfundme brings people together to make extraordinary things happen.

These are interesting times. The future is already here it is just not evenly distribute.

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